About Us


My Place Pilates is the first Cyber Pilates Studio of its kind.


We offer a full schedule of LIVE TelePilates and TeleBarre classes that come right through your computer, tablet or phone…wherever you are.

My Place Pilates classes are not videos, they are live classes with real instructors and other participants interacting with you.

If you have a question…a comment…a joke…you don’t have to send an email or call an 800 number… just say it and the instructor will respond! It’s a real class!

Since My Place Pilates classes have two way video capabilities instructors can encourage and correct your alignment, but if you don’t want them to see you, simply turn your video feed off and it turns into a one way video transmission, with you seeing the instructor but giving you privacy.

My Place Pilates classes are fun and social. A chat room is always available if you want to take a break and meet new people.

No matter your fitness level or experience, My Place Pilates is for everyone. New  to fitness? Go at your own place and take it easy. Our motto is “Slow Progression Towards Perfection.” Our instructors always show modifications and encourage you to work at your own pace so that you feel the satisfaction of success without the pressure of needing to keep up.

The best part of My Place Pilates classes is that they are only 5 dollars. There is no membership fee or hidden costs. They are simply 5 dollars per class. You can purchase one class or packages of 5 or 10, but they are never more than 5 dollars per class. My Place Pilates is, Pilates for real people…not just Real Housewives.

“All classes are suitable for all fitness levels...from beginner to advanced. Modifications will be suggested throughout and feel free to ask any questions during class”