Meet The Team


My Place Pilates fitness philosophy.

You are the author of your own story. My Place Pilates is a chapter in that story. Just as everybody has unique tastes in style, music and food, we all have different expectations and goals from our fitness programs. For some My Place Pilates it is the introduction, a place where they start their fitness journey, feeling comfortable in their skin as the first step to loving their bodies. For some we are a middle chapter, the perfect accompaniment to that program to which you have frustratingly plateaued. For some we are the end, for those looking for a program  for life that you can envision yourself doing now and well into your golden years.
It’s your story...we are just here to help you write it. 


Our story

We are the anti-gym. My Place Pilates evolved out the frustration of the archaic business model of gym and fitness facilities. Tired of seeing gym’s go in and out of business, the bait and switch mentality, the laundry list of empty promises, the misrepresentation of facilities that gives the entire industry a bad name. My Place Pilates opened it’s virtual doors in 2017 and invited people of all walks of life and all fitness levels to join us on a fitness journey that is uniquely their own. With over 30 years of experience and low overhead we give you top quality classes and keep our prices lower than any other Pilates studio out there.

Meet the Team



Founder & CEO

Bethann Bark Wolf  is the proud momma of three beautiful children. She gained over 90 pounds, nearly double her weight, during each pregnancy and bounced back to her original weight within months. Beth started teaching group fitness when she was just 15 years old. After years of following along to Fitness videos and early morning cable TV shows, as soon as she was able to legally get a job she walked into one of the first fitness chains in America and confidently asked them if she could teach. Remarkably they hired her.
Since those days of legwarmers and neon tights she has seen fitness trends come and go; step aerobics, urban rebounding, hula hooping, until she stumbled upon Pilates in 1999. An avid runner she frequently dealt with knee problems and had to curtail her running for months at a time on a yearly basis. Since starting her career as a Pilates Instructor her knee injuries have vanished and as an added bonus Pilates has made her body long and lean, magically reshaping her curvaceous  hips and legs that genetically genetic destiny had burden her with.
She has worked at some of the top studios in New York before venturing out to start My Place Pilates. She is triple certified as an instructor. Beth  graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Communication from Marymount Manhattan College and has a Masters degree in Media Ecology from NYU.


Barre Instructor

Maria Atsidis AKA the “Nina Ballerina” has been our prima Barre instructor since the beginning. She is double certified in Barre and certified in Spin as well. Maria is renowned for sculpting bodies into artwork, fatiguing each muscle into submission and then pushing them just a little more. If you like the burn you’ll love the after burn even more. And you will be reminded her super powers every time you catch your reflection.

$5.00 A Class

All classes are suitable for all fitness levels...from beginner to advanced. Modifications will be suggested throughout and feel free to ask any questions during class. 

The best part of My Place Pilates classes is that they are only 5 dollars. There is no membership fee or hidden costs.