Please Read Class Rules

The following rules have been established with the goal of a happy and healthy environment for all to feel comfortable to engage in classes free of judgment, embarrassment and lawsuits.

Students are assumed to be of appropriate health to engage in a basic Pilates class. If any extenuating illnesses or injuries may impede proper execution please inform the instructor ahead of time for modifications and consult your doctor. My Place Pilates assumes no responsibility for injuries sustained.

For "wine down” classes participants are assumed to be of legal drinking age or else consuming something other that alcohol. My Place Pilates neither condones nor assumes responsibility for underage drinking.

Please log into classes at least five minutes prior to classes beginning

Please be attired appropriately- pajamas are encouraged and no bras are required...but no nudity or inappropriately skimpy attire allowed (ask yourself...would my grandmother approve?)

Please refrain from using vulgarity or questionable subject matter. When in doubt please use euphemisms to avoid offending other participants.

If you are having technical difficulties please contact My Place Pilates for a free rescheduling- refunds are not given but we will gladly give you another class.

Reminder: this is your pay for it...if there are any other rules that you would like to add to the list please feel free to email them to us. Your feedback is appreciated.

Registration for each class closes 15 minutes before that class is scheduled to begin.

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